Street Photography by Dmitry Alexandrov

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b. 1974 in Moscow, Russia. Studied languages and book graphics. I was among the first students of the photography school of Vladimir Klavijo, who is one of the most well-known in Russia for his art photography.
The current projects presented here are series of photos each of the shots was devised and realized at the same moment. So nothing is previously arranged and the shots are truly documenatry. Each gallery under the links on the left represents a separate project. The galleries can be updated instantly so if you want to see the finished series'' please come back in some time.
Please feel free to contact me. I would be glad to read any opinion. I also would apprciate very much if you had any ideas to invite me to take part in your project if by chance my photos match it. My ICQ number is 70474241
I welcome any link that has connection to a site which consideres street or decorative photography. Please e-mail me your links with descriptions and I''ll be glad to put them in.
Thank you.

Here''s a brief explanation on the galleries. "A night of Jazz" is not a street series, but it fits the concept. It''s about Jazz and all it means - music, dance, romance. "The underground" is a series shot deep inside the heart of Moscow - in the metro.
"Four seasons" is a street series that was shot to show people (first of all to themselves) from the special point of view. Well, seasons pass, and I walk around mile by mile and meet people - different clothes, different faces, different emotions.
"Gone shopping" is not finished, in fact I just started. I often noticed that we all look quite funny when we are fully absorbed by some encouraging action, like looking for new clothes of something for dinner. So this series is about people in the shops.
Well the fourth gallery is not exactly mine. This gallery is a series of pictures that I shot along the highway to the international airport Domodedovo not far away from Moscow. Driving there I suddenly realised that the graffity on the walls of the bus-stops along the highway form a monologue in which some unknown man applies to the girl he loves. I guess the girl has left him but he wants her to get back to him very hard. So knowing that she goes by bus along this road he decided to ask her to forgive him and get back. And wrote his words to her on 9 bus-stops! Isn''t this touching?! A person who loves his girl so much and tells her about it writing on 9 bus-stops! Like Alladin and his princess...
If you leave the arrow of your mouse over a thumbnail in this gallery you can read the translation of what is written on each bus-stop.
The bike-show is all you can imagine about this word - motorcycles, wild games, rock...
The links under the line that says "about me in Russian" belong to the sites of my friends. I advise you to visit them because everything you can see there is called high-class fine art photography.
I hope that when there will be more links I''ll put them onto a special page and add a brief explanation to all of them with a sample picture.

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